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Zenjob secures $30 million in Series C funding

Zenjob founders Fritz Trott, Cihan Aksakal and Frederik Fahning

When we first invested in Zenjob, the vision we shared with the founders was to bring a fully automated solution to a huge and largely off-line market that would outperform existing offerings in speed and ease for customers and quality of personnel supplied. Now, more than three years on, Zenjob is active in 14 German cities and has just successfully secured a Series C funding round of $30 million (€27 million). The lead investor is Forestay Capital, who are joined by existing investors Redalpine, Acton Capital, Axa Venture Partners and Atlantic Labs.    

The new financing will primarily be used to roll-out its digital recruiting technology throughout Germany and subsequently expand internationally.

Besides the geographic expansion, the new funding will also be used to develop the technology behind the service further. Zenjob allows its customers to achieve high-efficiency gains by making the entire process of temporary staffing easier, from finding the best personnel, right up to the billing process for their work. This enables companies to find short-term staff quickly and flexibly with the ability to react to short-term needs or seasonal fluctuations. Algorithms will further help to predict staff demand in the future. 

Due to the flexibility of the platform, Zenjob could swiftly meet the rising demand for staffing in logistics and retail during the onset of the Corona crisis. Zenjob’s app reaches 15’000 students daily and can therefore assist in the almost effortless digital hiring of high-quality student workers to fill these gaps quickly.

More information can be found in the extensive press coverage of the funding round, e.g. in Zenjob’s press release and this Handelsblatt article in German.


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