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       empowering GameChangers, disrupting industries for good, and shaping a better world for all.

creating a better tomorrow is what drives us. we know that human ingenuity, combined with modern technology, can solve the world’s biggest challenges. that’s why we’re committed to identifying and empowering game changers across every sector. our current investment focus areas are:

our vision 

focus areas

  • for humanity to realize and harness the generational opportunity of ai technologies, they must be widely, seamlessly, and safely integrated in the world’s it infrastructure to enable widespread ai adoption.

  • disrupting how we consume, generate, store and transport energy in a sustainable way is necessary to tackle the growing energy demand and crumbling infrastructure, ensuring humanity continues to advance.

  • through advances in ai, automation will revolutionize how people, organizations, and robots make decisions, fundamentally changing how they interact with the world and supercharging productivity across all industries.

  • the mobility sector has stagnated technologically and faces growing environmental concerns as well as changing societal needs, creating an opportunity for new, disruptive technologies to radically revolutionize mobility.

  • as one of the world's least digitalized sectors, healthcare is poised for a radical change, driven by pioneering technology innovations that are redefining healthcare delivery, patient care, diagnostics, treatment, and overall health management.
  • driven by the exploding quantity and value of data, new tools enabling data generation and management, especially in privacy-preserving ways, will shape the future global data infrastructure.

  • foodtech is spearheading the transformation in the global food system through the integration of cutting-edge technologies mastering taste, nutrition and scale.

  • the art of reprogramming nature with digital tools, where the genetic code becomes a customizable script, unlocks the potential to engineer organisms with precision and purpose.

  • ai native applications will radically change the way we live, work, and how businesses operate in completely novel ways, re-imagining entire workflows, products, and services.

our expertise 

we are one of the most experienced venture capital funds in europe. we were founded by peter and michael - a software entrepreneur and a molecular biologist. that means that the convergence of software and science runs in our blood. in fact, our investment team is made up of scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and much more.

we combine this knowledge with a hands-on, disciplined swiss approach. this makes us uniquely positioned to manage startup cycles through thick and thin. we have the experience to support our founders from day one and the dedication to bring them all the way to exit.
peter niederhauser
founding partner
dr. michael sidler
founding partner
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