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Versantis' CEO featured on Insight Success

Versantis' CEO Vincent Forster was recently featured on Insight Success. Here is a synopsis: He follows ambitiously the aim of developing a new generation of effective medicines and reliable diagnostics. Since the medical world is becoming ever-more interdisciplinary, Vincent’s goal is to work on a bigger picture by coalescing advances across multiple disciplines to promote the development of novel therapies and improve the global healthcare system.

Thereby, he is about to achieve what he always promoted — linking entrepreneurial to scientific mindsets and translating academic research to the market.This translation is challenging and requires a solid and versatile set of skills. “I don’t think anyone is born entrepreneur or CEO and I truly believe that with the right balance of commitment, motivation, and perseverance, everyone can build and grow a successful venture,” Vincent asserts.

Versantis currently drives the development of its products VS-02 and TS-01 while working on new ideas supporting Versantis' reputation as an innovation leader in the field of hepatology. The main goal is that in 5 years, patients will be treated their products.


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