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Sprouting into the light – Redalpine leads Mushlabs' Series A

The Mushlabs Team

We are excited to announce that Redalpine led the USD 10m Series A financing round of Mushlabs. The Berlin-based food tech startup develops the next generation of food products based on mushroom mycelium, the roots of mushrooms.

Redalpine was accompanied by food specialist VisVires New Protein Capital and existing investors taking Mushlabs’ total funding to USD 12.2M. The Series A proceeds will be used to scale up the production of Mushlabs’ animal-free food products.  

Mushlabs’ mission is to produce nutritious and sustainable foods that appeal to both meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. They create delicious and healthy ingredients for alternative meat products by fermenting mushrooms in a process similar to brewing beer. The roots of the mushrooms are fed with side streams from diverse industries, making it a highly circular process that uses orders of magnitude less water and land than the traditional meat industry. With this approach, Mushlabs is at the forefront of changing food production, transportation, and consumption.

"The necessity for change in food production, consumption, and transportation has never been more urgent," said Dr. Mazen Rizk, Mushlabs Founder & CEO.

Redalpine congratulates the entire Mushlabs team on this closing and looks forward to taking the next steps together – providing accessible nutrition for everyone while preserving our planet.

For more information please visit Mushlabs’ website or read this AFN article.     


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