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Shared Spaces – N26 launches shared banking

N26 is changing the digital banking landscape

N26 (Redalpine Capital II) has just announced the launch of shared banking, one of their most anticipated features.

Shared Spaces, as it’s called, is built upon the already popular Spaces feature, that lets users structure their bank accounts through sub accounts according to their spending and saving needs. With Shared Spaces, however, N26 is making their entire network of millions of users even more powerful by creating shared banking experiences.

The new feature lets users hold and save money together with others for shared endeavours – as always, easily and conveniently with a few taps within the app. It is currently launching in beta mode and will be rolled out over the next few months.

Any premium account user will be able to create and own shared spaces and can add any other N26 user. Members of a shared space can freely share money, with everyone able to withdraw or pay in. Unlike a shared account, ownership of a shared space rests exclusively with the creator, who is also the only one able to add or remove members.

Be it for saving for a joint trip or shared living costs, Shared Spaces is a unique and powerful new feature for any occasion that requires managing money jointly with others.

Check out the details of this exciting new feature on the N26 blog.


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