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Relai secures $4.5M funding

Relai founders Julian Linger and Adam Bilican

Relai (RAC IV) has closed a $4.5M funding round led by Jeff Booth's ego death capital, a prominent US-based Bitcoin-dedicated investor. After leading Relai’s previous round in 2021, we are impressed by the company's progress and thrilled to join the latest funding round alongside new co-investors Timechain, Cabrit Capital, and Lightning Ventures. 

Relai offers a user-friendly interface, making bitcoin purchases easy for individuals regardless of their technical skills. The mobile app also provides a non-custodial bitcoin wallet, giving users complete control over their funds. Moreover, Relai plans to expand its services with zero-fee trading, upgrade to Lightning, and the launch of its white-label product that will allow other fintech companies to offer fiat-to-bitcoin trading. With the launch of Relai Business,  the company has recently expanded its platform to attract small and medium-sized businesses looking to add bitcoin to their balance sheet.

“The current bear market is the perfect time to focus on what’s most important: building a top-notch product, delivering a seamless user experience, and educating people about Bitcoin as the best savings technology ever invented,” said Julian Liniger, CEO and co-founder at Relai.

For more information, please visit Relai's website:


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