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Redalpine leads LegalFly’s €2M seed round to accelerate legal processes with AI

LegalFly's founding team

We are delighted to announce our investment in Belgium-based LegalFly, the specialized legal AI copilot. Redalpine led the €2M+ seed funding round, with contribution from Mehdi Ghissassi, Director of Product at Google DeepMind.

Founded in early 2023 by four Tinder tech veterans, LegalFly offers a game-changing AI copilot designed to simplify and accelerate legal processes. It provides stringent anonymity alongside intelligent, custom-built tools to aid in litigation and contract drafting and review, allowing clients to complete these tasks in less than half the time.

LegalFly launched its beta version in June and has since gone from strength to strength, onboarding a host of leading industry law firms across Benelux, the UK, and France. The seed funding marks an important step in the company’s growth and will facilitate its expansion to the US and enable it to build and ship solutions faster. This will help LegalFly meet the ever-increasing demand for their product, with a waiting list of over 100 law firms. 

Speaking about their mission, CEO Ruben Miessen emphasizes, "Our goal is to supercharge legal teams across law firms and corporate counsels, enhancing every aspect of their professional journey with our AI-driven Copilot. Our product-first mindset, refined through our experiences at Tinder and Match Group, drives us to create solutions that precisely meet user needs.”

Our General Partner, Sebastian Becker, who has been newly appointed to the LegalFly board, said: “The exceptional technical team at LegalFly has created a standout product leading to exceptional usage among its customers. This, combined with their highly effective go-to-market strategy, makes LegalFly perfectly positioned to lead the way in the fast-moving legal sector.”

LegalFly’s work has already been making waves in the industry, garnering them the Runner Up Prize for  ‘Legal AI Supplier of the Year’ and finalist for ‘IT Product or Service of the Year’ categories at the British Legal Technology Awards in London this year. 

Indeed, they have set themselves apart from other competitors in the field with their custom, consultancy-driven approach, which provides end-to-end solutions that encompass every aspect of a legal professional’s journey while offering the vast scalability of a SaaS model. 

Read more about LegalFly on their website.


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