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Redalpine leads €4.2m Seed round of Collato – the platform to simplify creative workflow management

Collato founders Sebastian and Ivo

Redalpine is excited to announce its Seed investment in Berlin-based Collato (Redalpine Capital VI). Mangrove Capital and the (ex-)CEOs of Zalando have also participated in the €4.2m round.

Collato is a collaboration SaaS platform, allowing teams to share, iterate and organize their creative assets – from ad videos, to web designs, to social posts. The solution enables collaborators to submit visual briefs, assign tasks on boards, annotate feedback directly on assets and request sign-offs from decision-makers.

The company is removing the complexity of going from brief to feedback to file sharing – while working across teams, with decision makers or external partners. Aligning these parties has become increasingly difficult: According to Adobe, by 2022, 745 million people worldwide will be creating content or involved in various parts of the production process. In addition, the pandemic accelerated the shift towards remote or hybrid work policies. This forced teams to rethink their existing creation processes or find new solutions for distributed collaboration.

CEO Ivo Scherkamp (Ex-VP Zalando) and CTO Sebastian Bojahr (Ex-CTO Everestate) saw the gap for an integrated solution that services the entire content creation journey, addressing asynchronous collaboration across globally dispersed teams. Having founded the company in May 2020, Collato’s team is impressing us through their execution abilities: After less than 9 months in a private beta, with over 500 user interviews and tests conducted, the platform is now open to the public, redesigning collaboration with a set of innovative features.

Users are able to comment on any media file directly, in video messages or with emojis, putting an end to alignment via calls or email threads. Projects can be organized with assigned tasks, workflows and Kanban boards. Creative deliverables and all previous versions, are stored in the cloud and remain discoverable with meta-information. External partners get access to selected content with a link that allows them to contribute even without their own customer account.

Redalpine is delighted to back Ivo and Sebastian, an incredibly driven team who have the ambition, experience and network to turn Collato into a massive business. They have built a great-looking and highly efficient product, ready to scale across a multitude of sectors.

For more information, please visit Collato’s website.


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