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Redalpine launches its ESG initiative to drive a more sustainable future

Redalpine is formalizing its commitment to an ESG program

At Redalpine, we recognize that action is required now to avoid more devastating crises in the future. The risk report from this year’s World Economic Forum stipulates that the top five risks over the next ten years were environmental, and the top four of five risks in terms of impact were both social and environmental in nature.

That’s why Redalpine has taken action to formalize its commitment to an environmental, social and governance (ESG) program. We have always naturally strived towards an ESG-friendly approach. Our business travel is exclusively in economy class - did you know that a business flight produces 2-3x as much CO2 as an economy flight? Over 30% of executives within our portfolio companies are women and the Redalpine team itself is almost 50/50. After all, we believe that a culture that strongly promotes ESG attracts more talent, deal flow, and ultimately return on investment.  

We are very proud to share with you that we have also successfully joined Leaders for Climate Action (LfCA). We strongly align with LfCA’s goals and, as part of this step, we aim to calculate, report, and offset our annual carbon footprint going forward.

We believe that a strong ESG proposition leads to value creation not only at Redalpine but also within its investments. That’s why we have introduced a sustainability clause in all our term sheets, including questions of climate change in the discussion.

Moreover, ESG factors are integral to assessing the quality of a company and thus should be a vital part of any investment process. Redalpine follows certain ESG Principles to serve as a guideline for that. We hope that with this small step we can contribute to a better future not only for business, but also society.

For more information, please visit LfCA's website.   


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