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Redalpine is a growing family – latest loved one RosieReality

The RosieReality founders Sélim Benayat and Peter Spence

RosieReality, our latest investment of our third fund is developing «Rosie the Robot», a curious Augmented Reality-robot that introduces children to immersive and engaging programming challenges. The Zurich-based start-up has now successfully closed a pre-seed round to further exploit Augmented Reality’s (AR) potential in kids’ education. Redalpine invested in this round together with Shasta Ventures, Atomico, Akatsuki, and Anorak.    

The team at RosieReality is convinced that AR has a massive potential as a stimulating and engaging tool for kids' education. Children’s brains are still in a formative phase and it is beneficial to provide multiple stimuli during play. Using AR, RosieReality can maximise that impact and the kids can discover Rosie the Robot with whom they interact and teach all about life on earth. 

“As a market, we are still early in AR. Currently, at RosieReality we are investing a lot in understanding how far we can push an AR experience before losing the user. From the start, users need to get into the appropriate state of mind. Our job is to get them there so they can enjoy the experience,” said Sélim Benayat, CEO and Co-Founder of RR.

Peter Niederhauser, Partner at Redalpine: „Children playing with Rosie actively move through space, discover spatial thinking patterns while programming a robot in an immersive and 3-dimensional fashion. Rosie the robot is an example of how AR becomes the core of an application.”

RosieReality can be used by kids from the age of eight and is currently only available in Switzerland or via private beta access. The company is endeavoring to continuously expanding its team and operations and soon will push the product across the sea to the US. 

We are very pleased to welcome RosieReality to the Redalpine family and are looking forward to working with the team.

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