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Redalpine invests in Jodel

We are excited to welcome Jodel, a localization-based social newsfeed, to the Redalpine Capital II portfolio.

The Berlin-based app allows user to communicate with others in their vicinity, limited to a perimeter of not more than 10 kilometres. Contributions appear in an anonymous feed and users can up- or down-vote and comment on each piece of content. Positive engagement, like contributions that are rated highly by the community or frequent votes on content of others, is rewarded by Karma points.

Unlike other social networks that are based upon deliberate connections with friends or colleagues, Jodel taps into the entire community of all other users that are nearby. By letting users post anonymously, the local communities are extremely active with a wide variety of content. Inappropriate content is controlled by a mixture of automated and crowd-controlled layers. Starting from Germany, the app is currently conquering Switzerland, Austria and the Nordics, connecting already more than 1M users.

For us at Redalpine, the growth so far is testament to the global potential of Jodel. The app bears the hallmarks of a habit-forming user experience, linking ease of use with the intriguing dynamics of vivid user generated content. Last, but most importantly, we have invested in an enthusiastic and visionary team dedicated to growing Jodel into a globally leading social network.

For more information on Jodel, please visit


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