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Redalpine invests in Genomics data analysis software Genialis

The Genialis Team based in Slovenia, Boston and Texas 

Genialis is a leading software company providing a web-based platform for analysis and visual interpretation of genomics data. Their strong focus on UX and AI-based decision support enables life scientists to explore their own data with ease and autonomy. In addition to superior user experience and usability, Genialis built a powerful dataflow engine relying on smart systems to provide bioinformatics decision support.

The recently closed seed round of $2.3M was Co-led by Redalpine and First Star Venture Capital in Boston and joined by Slovenian firm Pikas, as well as several angel investors. The financing will accelerate the team’s expansion in the U.S. and the commercialization of Genialis’ Platform.

Our partner Michael Sidler summarizes, “As an investor I was most taken by Genialis’ dedicated and entrepreneurial team. As a biology PhD, I immediately saw the value and the technological savvy in providing beautiful software solutions to the complex challenge of analyzing genomics data.” Nejc Škoberne, CEO of Genialis, adds, “Our goal is to provide every life scientist the best possible experience with their data, so they can ask and answer whatever questions come to mind.”

This fall, Genialis began rolling out its SaaS product lineup, anchored by the flagship Expressions suite for dynamic RNA-seq exploration. With Swift Biosciences, an NGS-library kit company, Genialis also launched a tailored application for variant discovery by targeted genome sequencing.

We are happy to welcome Genialis on board and are excited to work with the entire team.

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