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Redalpine Announces Sebastian Becker as New General Partner

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Congratulations Sebastian Becker

In a remarkable journey of growth over the past five years, Redalpine has not only expanded beyond its Zurich roots but has also more than tripled its Assets Under Management, tripled its team, and launched its groundbreaking Summit Fund. As Redalpine grows, so too do the opportunities for team members to step up and play a pivotal role in our success. 

That’s why we are thrilled to announce the well-deserved advancement of Sebastian Becker to General Partner. This significant achievement comes just five years after Sebastian first joined Redalpine as an intern.

New Summits

Sebastian has an impressive career trajectory behind him. He came to Redalpine in 2018 after stints at Rocket Internet, Project A, and Horváth and demonstrated a combination of astute insights and leadership skills that belie his age. Quickly rising through the ranks, Sebastian has been instrumental in establishing the investment pipeline and supporting fundraising efforts for Redalpine’s pioneering, evergreen Summit Fund. This fund aligns with Redalpine’s vision to foster European companies' growth and reduce the reliance on US-based funding for later-stage rounds, a topic the entire team is passionate about. 

Since its founding in 2006, Redalpine has adopted a sector-agnostic investment strategy, with a focus on Science and Software investments. Sebastian heads up our dealflow activities across the board and is deeply involved in Redalpine’s portfolio companies in the Software sector. Among others, he led our investments in Razor Group and Knowunity, along with later-stage rounds in Robinhood, SpaceX, and Ethos via the Summit Fund. 

Sebastian has also been the driving force behind the establishment of redalpine's Berlin office, assembling and growing our seven-person local team and further solidifying our roots in the German market. 

Speaking on Sebastian’s contribution to the company, Peter Niederhauser, Founding Partner at Redalpine, said: "From day one, it was impressive to see how much passion Sebastian has for the combination of technology and venture capital. I have never seen a steeper learning curve, and this, coupled with his professional and holistic way of working and thinking, is why he was quickly promoted to partner at the age of 25. Sebastian has already contributed significantly to the rapid development of Redalpine. We are delighted that he will now shape the future of Redalpine as a General Partner, both strategically and operationally."

Sebastian said: “As I step into the role of General Partner at Redalpine, I reflect on a journey marked by relentless growth and the privilege of shaping a company I deeply believe in. From day one, I've been driven by a vision to not only grow personally under the unique and ambitious environment at Redalpine, but also to foster entrepreneurial thinking at every level. Our strides in the European startup ecosystem are just the beginning. I am immensely proud of how far we've come and excited about our potential to create an even more significant positive impact. At Redalpine, we're not just investing in companies; we're empowering GameChangers and making a dent in the future of innovation.”

Empowering GameChangers

At redalpine, we take our purpose of empowering GameChangers very seriously. This purpose extends to everything we do - whether that be supporting our portfolio companies, the tech ecosystem, or our own team members. It is in the ethos of Redalpine that we give everyone a chance to prove themselves and take on the next challenge, and the mentorship they need to get there. Sebastian is a perfect example of this ethos in action. From the very beginning, he was empowered by his close work with Redalpine founding partners, Peter Niederhauser and Michael Sidler, to take on huge responsibility in the company and help drive its success.

He went on to take these learnings and apply them to his work with our portfolio companies. Founders recognize the strategic advantage of having Sebastian in their corner, and he has earned a reputation for his dogged nature and unwavering commitment to helping entrepreneurs overcome all challenges that arise along the startup journey.

One such founder who has experienced this support is Benedict Kurz, CEO of Knowunity, a Berlin-based EdTech startup. Since Sebastian spearheaded Redalpine’s Series A investment in 2022, Knowunity has undergone remarkable growth, successfully expanding to the US and now boasting traction of over three million active users.

On his collaboration with Sebastian, Benedict said: “Since Redalpine invested in our Series A, Sebastian has been an invaluable asset and awesome partner to work with. He brought on board incredible talent from his network and acts as a trusted sparring partner to continuously push us forward. He doesn’t just support us as founders — he connects with us on a personal level and always has a positive approach. From the very beginning, he shared our passion for education, and it's inspiring to see this passion reflected in his daily actions.”

Where is Redalpine today

Redapine has done a number of notable investments this year, including in leading AI security provider Lakera, cultivated meat company Uncommon, and hyperspectral intelligence company Hypervision Surgical. Looking forward, we will continue expanding our new later-stage Summit Fund and focusing on our well-established early-stage funds. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements to close out 2023!

Redalpine’s recent growth has been further accelerated by the addition of Bettina Curtze as Partner and CFO in September this year. Her extensive experience includes significant roles at Rocket Internet, where she was responsible for leading fundraising efforts for Rocket Internet’s fund. In just a few months, she has already proven to be a highly valuable asset to the team.

The next five years

Turning to the next five years, Redalpine's future looks bright. Our commitment is unwavering - to remain a truly pan-European fund, empower GameChangers in our portfolio, and invest in companies that make a difference in the world. As Sebastian assumes his role as General Partner, we are inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead and are confident that Redalpine's journey will continue to be guided by innovation, collaboration, and a positive impact.


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