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Powering the Future: ENVIRIA Secures €200M from BlackRock

A man in a blue shirt in an office
ENVIRIA founder Melchior Schultze Brock

In a landmark move that underscores the accelerating shift towards renewable energy, ENVIRIA (RAC VI and Redalpine Summit Fund), Germany’s leading provider of commercial and industrial (C&I) solar solutions, today announced an equity investment of EUR 200 million from BlackRock’s Global Renewable Power fund. As part of the agreement, we successfully exited our investment in ENVIRIA, yielding impressive returns to our investors.

Since we led ENVIRIA’s Series A funding round in 2022, the company has played a pivotal role in challenging Germany’s traditional energy production methods. By unlocking the massive potential for solar power production from large C&I roofs, ENVIRIA reduces reliance on fossil fuels and makes renewable energy easily accessible to companies in a decentralized way and at scale. 

ENVIRIA’s digital platform combines all necessary stakeholders required to realize Energy-as-a-Service solutions in the one place, providing a significant tech hedge and making solar radically easy for businesses. This boosts energy consumption from large commercial roofs that would otherwise remain widely unused - in fact, only 10% of suitable company roofs currently host solar systems. ENVIRA’s platform integrates additional infrastructure, e.g. EV charging stations and energy storage systems, handles the distribution of locally generated solar power, and provides additional green energy from the grid. 

The BlackRock investment marks a significant milestone in the energy transition journey, enabling ENVIRIA to expand its already impressive portfolio of 500 C&I solar projects across Germany. ENVIRIA currently has a development pipeline that includes approximately 2,000 C&I projects totaling more than 2.3GW - with plans to realize 1.7GW by 2029. 

On the latest announcement, Redalpine Principal Antonius Salis said: "As the first external investors in ENVIRIA, we've believed in and empowered the team around founder Melchior Schultze Brock from the very beginning. In less than two years, we’ve worked very well together with Melchior to professionalize ENVIRIA, growing revenues almost fourfold and achieving a leading position in the German solar market. We are delighted about the future of ENVIRIA with this milestone investment."

ENVIRIA’s continued success signals the growing importance and viability of renewable energy solutions in driving economic and environmental sustainability. At Redalpine, we are proud to have played a central role in ENVIRIA's remarkable journey to date and can’t wait to see the positive impact the company will continue to have on the world going forward.


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