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Pfizer acquires Redbiotec spin-off

Redbiotec co-founders Corinne John and Christian Schaub

We are delighted to announce that Redalpine portfolio company Redbiotec has sold its spin-off Redvax GmbH to Pfizer. This transaction marks one of the most significant exits for our Redalpine Capital I fund to date and provides Pfizer with access to a preclinical human cytomegalovirus (CMV) vaccine candidate, as well as intellectual property and a technology platform related to a second, undisclosed vaccine program (see Pfizer press release here). Redbiotec will keep its core technology and IP for all further applications.

Dr. Michael Sidler, Partner at Redalpine Venture Partners, emphasizes: “The fact that Pfizer, one of the world’s top pharma companies has acquired Redbiotec’s CMV technology is an impressive validation of this cutting-edge development platform. As the lead investor in Redbiotec, we are as excited about this transaction as we are about the potential of the platform for other life-saving vaccines.”

Christian Schaub, CEO of Redbiotec commented: “This represents an important step toward the development of a much needed vaccine for CMV, a disease that has a devastating impact on children and families. We believe that combining Redvax’s assets with Pfizer’s commitment, expertise, and resources will enhance our ability to bring this vaccine to patients.”

Redbiotec’s platform for the efficient generation of virus-like particles (VLP) is one of the leading technologies to facilitate disruption in the vaccine industry. After spinning off Redvax, Redbiotec continues to use its VLP platform for the development of further viral vaccines. Redbiotec’s technology promises significant advantages over traditional vaccine development processes; it is designed to make vaccines safer and development quicker and more cost-efficient than currently possible.

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