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N26 accelerates growth and now has 500,000 customers

N26, Europe’s leading mobile-first bank, has just announced that it has reached 500,000 users. Since its launch in 2015, growth has been accelerating strongly, adding 200,000 users in the last 5 months alone. Currently, about 1500 new users sign up every single day. Most of the growth is organic, as users enthusiastically spread their love for the N26 user experience and transparency.

Along with cracking the 500,000-user mark, N26 has reached several other milestones. The total transaction volume on N26 cards already exceeds EUR 5bn and the N26 financial hub now provides users with savings, credit and insurance products at their fingertips. For more security in mobile banking and when making online payments, N26 just recently added the first native app integration of Mastercard SecureCode.

The growth shows that the user experience and transparency provided by N26 is in high demand across borders and age groups: N26 customers are made up of 170 different nationalities and use their cards in 207 different countries for transactions in 143 currencies. Today, 40% of the customers are over 35 years old. 

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