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Morressier closes $18m funding round to fuel research innovation

Morressier founders Justus Weweler, Sami Benchekroun, and Rino Montiel

In late 2017, we led the first institutional funding round for Morressier (Redalpine Capital III), on the conviction that there is a dramatic lack of consolidation and visibility for some of the world’s most valuable data -  early stage science and research results - to the detriment of scientific and technological progress. More than 3 years on, Morressier has built a powerful backbone for knowledge-sharing communities, providing cutting edge tools for content-centric virtual, hybrid and in-person conferences and meetings. 

To meet strong demand across various verticals, including pharmaceuticals, R&D-heavy corporates, science, research and academia, Morressier has just raised an $18M funding round, led by Silicon Valley-based Owl Ventures, with participation from the existing investors Redalpine and Cherry Ventures.

The new funding will allow Morressier to accelerate its growth and launch new community and analytics features for improved collaboration, increased exchange around conference content and better insights.

Morressier offers its clients a powerful platform, granular data and analytics, and extensive possibilities for revenue generation. At the same time, by increasing access to previously ephemeral content, Morressier helps accelerate breakthroughs and innovation.

Across all fields, conferences play a pivotal role as the key place where knowledge and research findings are first shared. Yet valuable conference content often remains ephemeral, restricted to physical venues or computer screens and disappearing when an event ends. Unlike other virtual meeting providers, Morressier connects, indexes, and publishes all conference submissions in a digital library, ensuring this content can be accessed long-term and can reach an expanded audience beyond the initial attendees.

The past year in particular has seen an unprecedented shift to the online space, highlighting the importance of creating better ways to meet and share content, especially in such important fields as medicine and R&D. Morressier is harnessing this momentum to build a more accessible conference system where all researchers can discover valuable content, build on each other's ideas and progress faster.

We congratulate the entire team and look forward to continuing the joint  journey.

For more information please visit Morressier’s website or read this Techcrunch article


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