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More funding for bitcoin trading app Relai following record-breaking year

Relai cofounders Julian Liniger and Adem Bilican

Following a record-breaking 2023, Swiss Bitcoin-only trading app Relai (RAC IV) has started 2024 with another major win for the company and crypto, securing yet another funding round. Bitcoin pioneers Luzius Meisser and Jan Brzezek invested in the round, joined by Timechain, Jeff Booth’s Ego Death Capital, Cabrit Capital, and Lightning Ventures, among others.

Hot on the heels of their €4.5 million investment round in March 2023, the recent financing will further support their upcoming European expansion plans, new product releases scheduled for the end of Q1, and team growth.

Relai has distinguished itself within the crypto-trading sector by offering a user-friendly interface for Bitcoin-exclusive trading, including automatized investment options and zero fees. The mobile app also offers separate services - Relai Private and Relai Business -  for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses wanting to make transactions over 100,000 CHF. 

Since we invested in 2021, the company has become a poster child for user-centric cryptocurrency trading apps, with year-on-year growth hitting a record of 300% in 2023, total trading volume exceeding €300 million, and more than 100,000 active users. 

Julian Liniger, CEO and co-founder of Relai stated, “Despite the current downturn in the venture capital market, we are very pleased to have secured this smart money financing round from such reputable investors. Their confidence in Relai underlines the strength of our product and our team. This interim success motivates us to continue our long-term mission to bring Bitcoin to 100 million Europeans.”

Congratulations to Relai co-founders Julian Liniger and Adem Bilican, and the rest of the Relai team on the achievement!

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