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Memo Therapeutics Takes A Major Step Towards Fighting Corona

Memo Therapeutics' platform technology DROPZYLLA® is helping the BioTech company make advances in the fight against COVID-19

Great news from the Redalpine portfolio: Memo Therapeutics (Redalpine Capital II) has started the discovery of antibodies in COVID-19 survivors to develop coronavirus therapeutics and diagnostics.

If you recovered from a moderate to severe COVID-19 infection and want to help Memo Therapeutics find a cure, take a look at their Hack Corona Initiative!

In order to develop therapeutics, diagnostics or research tools, Memo Therapeutics deploys its platform technology DROPZYLLA® to isolate antibodies found in patients who overcame COVID-19 infection. Memo Therapeutics’ technology is exceptionally well equipped to capture the antibody repertoire of these survivors enabling the detection of otherwise undetectable ultra-rare antibodies. Memo Therapeutics has previously demonstrated its capability to capture such antibodies found in patients and develop them as therapeutic candidates in their project targeting BK polyoma virus infections. Notably, Memo Therapeutics achieved this within 5 months from survivor to GMP production.

Now Memo Therapeutics enrolled the first COVID-19 survivor to repeat this success story. Memo Therapeutics' CEO Karsten Fischer, comments: "We are excited that we can use our powerful technology to contribute to the efforts to overcome this global pandemic threat."

Dr. Christoph Esslinger, the company's CSO, adds: “This is not merely an opportunity to showcase our DROPZYLLA® technology, but a real attempt to provide an alternative treatment option for severe COVID-19 cases and for those who are at risk but not able to mount a protective immune response upon vaccination, once a vaccine might become available.”

More information is available on the Memo Therapeutics Website or in this article.  


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