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Knip, Trekksoft and Lunaphore among the top 10 Swiss start-ups

From left to right, the founders of: Knip - C. Kehl and D. Just; Trekksoft - P. Willi, J.Fauver & V. Binnendijk; Lunaphore - D. Heintze & D. Dupouy;

This year’s edition of the TOP 100 Swiss Startups saw yet again a strong presence of Redalpine portfolio companies among the most innovative and promising Swiss startups. We are particularly delighted to have three companies in the top 10. This marks only the second time after the inaugural 2011 event for so many of our investments to receive this honour.

Knip (Redalpine Capital II), the #1 digital insurance broker in Switzerland and Germany, took the ranking by storm, reaching 6th place upon its first appearance on the list. Top 100 veterans Trekksoft (Redalpine Capital II) ranked 7th, marking their fourth consecutive overall appearance in the ranking and their second consecutive top 10 spot. Lunaphore (Redalpine Capital II), the innovative tumor analysis and classification platform and one of our most recent investments, came in 10th.

easySYS (Redalpine Capital II), the business and accounting software for small companies, ranked 21st in their first year on the list. Finally, Malcisbo (Redalpine Capital I), developer of novel carbohydrate-based vaccines, celebrated its fifth consecutive year in the rankings at position 47.

This year’s winner and therefore heir to our own InSphero was L.E.S.S., a provider of revolutionary energy-efficient lighting systems. The 2015 ranking only took into account companies that were founded in 2010 or later. InSphero (Redalpine Capital I), the first Redalpine portfolio company to take top spot last year and founded in 2009 was therefore no longer allowed to compete.


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