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Hypervision Surgical raises £6.5m seed to improve surgical precision

two people in medical protective gear

We’re delighted to co-lead a £6.5M seed funding round (RAC VI) in surgical AI company Hypervision Surgical, in collaboration with HERAN Partners, LifeX Ventures, and ZEISS Ventures. 

Surgery today relies on human sight, especially in procedures using microinvasive or robotic surgery techniques with limited haptic feedback. This can be problematic as the human eye is not well-equipped to accurately distinguish between healthy and unhealthy tissues. Hypervision Surgical aims to solve this challenge by using hyperspectral imaging (think of “heat map" tissue analytics) to improve objectivity and provide surgeons with superior tissue margins insights and real-time surgical feedback.

Discussing Redalpine’s decision to invest, Investment Manager Daniel Dillinger said: “Hypervision Surgical’s objective tissue characterisation and analytics platform is uniquely positioned to drive surgical decision-making and address critical unmet needs in the growing field of minimally invasive surgery, which sees nearly 200 million procedures annually.”

Michael Ebner, Hypervision Surgical CEO and CoFounder, added: “We are incredibly excited about the transformative potential of our Hyperspectral Intelligence platform. Imagine a complex tumor surgery where surgeons can rely on precise measurements and tissue property information to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy tissue. Our technology makes the invisible visible, empowering surgeons to make confident decisions with enhanced precision and ultimately improving patient outcomes.”

Originating as a spin-out company from King's College London, Hypervision Surgical boasts an exceptional team of clinicians, medical imaging experts, and AI professionals. The team will use the funding to further build out their technology, attain regulatory clearance in the US and Europe, and expand their collaborations with leading surgeons, renowned surgical centers, and strategic industry partners. 

We are very proud to play a part in Hypervision Surgical’s journey and support them as they revolutionize the field of surgery and redefine the standard of patient care.

For more information, please visit Hypervision Surgical’s website or check out this article on Sifted.


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