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Healthtech for pets - Redalpine leads felmo’s Series A Round

two men sit on a white car with the brand felmo on it
felmo founders Philip Trockels and Lars Giere

We are excited to announce our investment in felmo (Redalpine Capital IV), the Berlin-based start-up revolutionizing pet-healthcare. Redalpine led the Series A, accompanied by existing investors HV Capital and 468 Capital. 

The investment comes just months after the Seed round and is a result of felmo's stellar growth trajectory since its market launch just a year ago. The Round will help fuel the company's continued expansion into new regions, and help scale the team. The investment will also go towards extending felmo's product offerings and support the company's mission to become Europe's leading pet health brand.

Pet owners know how stressful vet appointments can be on their beloved pets. There is no proper appointment preparation, long waiting times, and more than 50% of animals actively resist being taken to a vet practice. Moreover, being surrounded by other animals in an unfamiliar environment causes tremendous stress on the animals, which can exacerbate certain medical conditions. 

felmo makes vet services stress-free and keeps pet owners informed about their pet's health status at all times. The company does this by offering an end-to-end solution, combining at-home vet visits with a seamless digital experience via the felmo-app allowing pet owners to manage their pet's health proactively. The app offers multiple features such as chats with veterinarians, fully digital pet-health records and health-checks, appointment bookings, and more. This is a real game-changer for pet owners who in Germany alone, collectively own approximately 15 million cats and 10 million dogs. 

Veterinarians also benefit from the felmo model as the company provides them with more flexibility and predictable working hours, a better work-life balance, and more autonomy. felmo's vets are organized in small teams that encourage the exchange of professional opinions and allow vets to specialize in specific areas of interest. 

felmo has already expanded the business into several regions across Germany and has generated exceptional customer traction and satisfaction combined with strong growth despite the current pandemic. The two founders Philip Trockels and Lars Giere are excited about the next stage in the business: “We are very happy to have Redalpine on board as our new investor because they showed exceptional conviction of the model as well as pragmatic thinking in every discussion we have had with them. Every one of us is extremely motivated to redefine how pet healthcare is offered to pet owners and to build the leading brand in the space. Redalpine’s experience in B2C business models, brand building, as well as locally acting businesses, makes them a perfect partner alongside our existing investors.”

We warmly welcome felmo to the Redalpine family and look forward to working together and actively supporting felmo in its continued growth.

For more information visit felmos’s website.  


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