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Flying into the future - Redalpine invests in Daedalean

Redalpine is excited to have Daedalean join its portfolio

We are delighted to announce our investment in Daedalean (RAC III)– a Zurich-based startup with the mission to build a certified airworthy autopilot that passes the exams for human pilots.

Civil aviation has reached its capacity. More and more, airspaces get closed and flights canceled due to a shortage of traffic controllers and human pilots. Revolutionary means of airborne transportation like personal air taxis and eVTOLs will amplify this issue. Using modern robotics, computer vision and deep AI - Daedalean develops the software that will outperform human pilots making air travel secure at a scalable level.

Redalpine Partner Dr Harald Nieder joins Daedalean’s board and sees great potential in the investment: "Future air mobility will be much more individual, flexible and accessible. However, to make it truly scalable, comprehensive autonomy will be required. Consequently, the big players in this new aviation landscape will be the autonomy providers. This is where we see the big opportunity with Daedalean. It’s a great case of huge commercial potential while being strongly differentiated by technology."

The invested capital enables Daedalean to work on sensing and perception algorithms. The goal is to release a safety-enhancing solution at DAL-C (the Design Assurance Level set for software at the major level of safety-criticalness as defined by aviation authorities) in 2021, usable for small air taxis as well as for traditional aviation. Daedalean partners with EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) to examine the challenges posed by allowing machine learning onboard aircraft, and also with Volocopter to conduct autonomy-enabling flight tests using artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies.

We are excited to be on board of Daedalan’s journey and welcome them to the Redalpine Family! More information is available on Daedalean’s website and in this UAS Weekly article


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