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First-in-human trial - Versantis reaches major milestone

The Versantis team

Only 4 years after incorporation our portfolio company Versantis (Redalpine Capital III) proudly announced the successful start of its first-in-human trial at Goethe University Hospital in Frankfurt am Main. The initiation marks a new era for the now clinical-stage company.

In this first clinical trial, Versantis will evaluate and characterize the safety, tolerability, and the pharmacokinetics of its lead program VS-01. In patients with advanced liver disease this is a lifesaving multi-organ support therapy, able to enhance the clearance of ammonia and other toxins from the body. The Company expects to complete this so-called Phase 1b study and advance VS-01 to the subsequent Phase 2 trials by spring 2020.

Furthermore, Versantis recently received the grant approval for two patent applications in South Korea and one in Mexico supporting the company’s strategy towards global protection of the science and technology behind VS-01.

Congratulations to the entire Versantis team on this major milestone and looking forward to the next steps together!


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