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Delicious hydration without the waste - Redalpine welcomes Dropz on board

A man and a woman standing on pavement in front of offices
dropz co-founders Zahar Hasher and Sabrina Balestra

We are delighted to announce our investment in Dropz (RAC VII), the Swiss startup that is redefining the drinks market. As the lead investor in Dropz's seed funding round, we're proud to join existing investors Oyster Bay, Backbone Ventures, and Roland Brack, along with a number of business angels.

Whetting consumers’ appetite for water

Hydration is crucial for our well–being, aiding fundamental bodily functions - from digestion and circulation to mental alertness and skin health. Its impact even extends to our susceptibility to experiencing a heart attack or developing certain cancers. Despite its importance, its most accessible and sustainable source - tap water - often disappoints when it comes to flavor. Instead, many consumers turn to bottled sodas and sugary fruit juices, fuelling a growing obesity pandemic and climate crisis.

Recognizing this problem, Dropz cofounders Zafar Hasher and Sabrina Balestra are committed to making tap water more appealing. Using proprietary technology, Dropz offers consumers dissolvable compressed cubes that release a mix of essential vitamins and natural flavor to provide delicious hydration, without the waste. 

Tapping into market potential

The beverage and food industry is undergoing a massive transformation, with wellness, sustainability, and personalization taking center stage. As consumer choices become more ethically-driven, and awareness of the impact traditional beverages have in terms of waste and health increases, the beverage industry is ripe for disruption. Current tastes are already moving towards lower-sugar, more functional, flavourful, and convenient options. Additionally, government legislation, coupled with rising energy costs and increased consumer awareness, is contributing to this transformation. 

The technology behind Dropz not only provides a healthy and elevated drinking experience, but its cube form also significantly reduces the environmental footprint associated with producing and shipping pre-filled bottled beverages. By utilizing tap water and minimizing additives, Dropz drastically diminishes the environmental impact linked with manufacturing and transporting pre-filled bottled drinks. In addition, the compact design of the cubes results in less packaging waste and requires less storage space, presenting a sustainable solution for both the environment and consumers.

The Team

Dropz’s product-first approach comes as no surprise, considering the diverse and in-depth expertise at its core. The combined food technology prowess and business acumen of founding team Zafar and Sabrina is the driving force behind Dropz’s success. As the latest addition to the founding team, and recently recognized as "CMO of the year" during her tenure at Planted, Sabrina’s contributions are set to further accelerate Dropz’s growth and product expansion. 

Speaking about her new role, Sabrina Balestra said, "Together with Zafar, I look forward to driving the infused water category at Dropz and offering our customers even more taste experiences. We have a number of exciting new innovations in the pipeline with patents pending."

Just the tip of the iceberg

Dropz aligns perfectly with our investment philosophy and focus on scalable, impactful, and tech-driven solutions. In a world increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of single-use plastic, Dropz's mission to transform tap water into an attractive, healthy, and eco-friendly choice is GameChanging. With the latest funding, Dropz will accelerate its production processes and launch new products that expand outside the hydration market. 

We’re proud to empower Dropz as they build a strong leadership foundation and drive product innovation, including by steering IP-protected product advancements. We look forward to seeing the huge impact that Dropz will have on the beverage industry and beyond.


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