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Building Community in Web3: $3.5M for Zealy

a woman sitting and two men standing in a busy city street
Zealy co-founders Fredrika Lindh, Mathis Grosjean, and Louis Demeslay

Although communities are the cornerstone of the decentralized web, options to engage with these communities are limited. That’s why we’re especially excited to lead a $3.5m funding round in Zealy (RAC VI), the world’s most powerful platform to drive community engagement. Connect Ventures, Aglaé Ventures, Kima Ventures, Purple, STATION F, Founders Future, Pareto Holdings, and industry experts also contributed to the round.

Zealy's user-friendly platform allows members to connect with each other through gamified tasks before, during, and after product launches, digital asset releases, or physical and virtual events. Analytics highlight which actions improve conversion rates and identify the best-performing members of the community. Businesses can then use this data to personalize the experience of their most valuable members and turn them into brand ambassadors.

With over 500,000 monthly active users across 180 countries, Zealy has already gained significant traction in the web3 space.  The platform has helped 2,000 companies engage, analyze, and scale their communities, including web3 leaders and web2 corporates such as Renault and Pari Mutuel Urbain. The funding will enable Zealy to expand its team and double down on product development, including web3 integrations and AI-powered personalized recommendations.

We firmly believe that the future for all companies will be community-led, and that Zealy stands at the forefront of this movement. By building the operating system for communities, Zealy is transforming the way communities work to create new opportunities in the web3 space and beyond. 

As they grow, we’re committed to working closely with the team to provide hands-on guidance on all aspects of the company’s journey, including hiring, product development, and scaling. Congratulations to Zealy on this achievement and we look forward to the next steps!

For more information, please visit Zealy's website.


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