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Automated, not manual: Redalpine leads Seed round for

Natif  founders Bérenger Laurent, Mats Hoefler, Manuel Zapp und Johannes Korves

Trillions of documents such as letter mail, invoices, receipts, or insurance contracts are sent out every day. Many contain important information but extracting and analyzing this information still requires people. This is a very time-consuming, inefficient and costly process. Existing solutions typically do not deliver sufficient accuracy, speed and document variety to reach high levels of full process automation.

Natif’s technology turns documents into data in real-time to fully automate document processes. Powered by its proprietary high-performance AI models and OCR, Natif (Redalpine Capital VI) can analyze and classify a wide range of documents and identify and extract relevant data. It uses visual information and sees documents as a human would, making the process extremely quick, accurate and cost-efficient, immediately improving productivity. 

Documents can be processed 30-60 times faster, and with an automation rate up to 10 times higher than with current state-of-the-art technologies. The proprietary technology gives Natif the ability to create customer-specific workflows, and to ensure the highest level of data protection, without critical 3rd party dependencies. The platform already processes millions of documents every month. Typical customers include banks, insurance companies, law and tax firms, as well as software providers and tech companies.

 We are delighted to back the founders Johannes, Manuel, Bérenger and Christophe, who know each other well from previously working together at Brille24, where they pioneered AI applications for the optical industry. The company is an official spin-off of the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). We are joined in this round by F-LOG, 468 Capital, and HTGF. 

For more information visit Natif’s website.


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