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Appetite for EraCal: Redalpine invests in the Seed round

two men in black suits in a laboratory
EraCal founders Simon Breitler and Josua Jordi

We are delighted to announce our participation (Redalpine Capital IV) in the Seed financing round of EraCal Therapeutics. EraCal is a Zurich-based company developing appetite modulators and anti-obesity medicines, based on their best-in-class discovery platform technology. 

Many anti-obesity drugs are not very effective or have unwanted side effects. EraCal Therapeutics addresses this challenge by developing a potent and highly selective appetite suppressant. Animal models have shown that their lead compound is twice as effective at reducing weight compared to current treatments on the market. The Seed investment enables EraCal to conduct the preclinical development of its lead appetite suppressor and to expand its platform to new indications.

Dr. Josua Jordi, CEO and Co-founder of EraCal, commented:  “We are super excited to receive the support and partnership from this group of top-tier health-tech investors to help us achieve our mission. With this funding, we aim to advance the preclinical development of our lead anti-obesity compound.”

Redalpine congratulates the entire EraCal team on this closing and looks forward to the next steps together.For more information, please visit EraCal's Website  


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