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$20M Series B - fuel for global expansion of Lengoo

Three men standing in front of a brick wall
Lengoo founders Philipp Koch-Büttner, Christoph Kränzler and Alexander Gigga

In late summer 2019, we led the Series A financing round for Lengoo (Redalpine Capital IV). At the time, we had been looking for a while for AI use-cases that deliver well-defined value propositions for commercial customers. The Lengoo team stood out by casting cutting-edge machine translation technology into enterprise-grade processes to deliver professional translation services seamlessly. Most importantly, their customer-specific machine translation models with human translators in the loop allow for 3-6x faster translations at 50% of the costs.

Since then, Lengoo has gone from strength to strength, growing recurring revenues almost 10x since our initial investment. They have onboarded more than 50 enterprise clients in Europe and the US in the last 12 months. At the same time, headcount has tripled and the team has expanded activities into the USA, UK, Scandinavia, and Poland even ahead of their ambitious schedule.

As a further milestone,  the company has now raised $20 million of new funding. The Series B round was led by Inkef Capital with participation from Redalpine and other existing investors, including Creathor Ventures and Techstars, as well as angel investors Matthias Hilpert and Michael Schmitt. 

“We aim to use the additional capital to build a global presence for our globally active clients. Furthermore, we will advance the development of a proprietary neural machine translation framework to make professional translation even faster and scalable.” said co-founder Christopher Kränzler.

Lengoo pioneers AI-augmented translation for enterprise clients by automating the custom training of neural machine translation models using the enterprises’ own language data and deploying those in a human-in-the-loop full-service approach. This model makes it possible to provide professional translations 3-6 times faster and 50% cheaper than traditional providers.

We look forward to continuing to back Lengoo and support them on their journey. 

For more information, please visit Lengoo’s website or read this Techcrunch article.


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