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$16.5 million for Morressier, the startup transforming scholarly communications

Morressier (RAC III), the Berlin-based startup increasing data integrity and accessibility in early-stage research, today announced a $16.5 million funding round led by Molten Ventures. We are delighted to contribute to the round alongside existing investors, including Cherry Ventures and Owl Ventures.

Morressier will use the investment to boost its product innovation and expand its partnerships, which already include IOP Publishing, AAAS, and Mayo Clinic. In addition, the company will double-down on its goal to protect research integrity every step of the way via its recently launched “Integrity Manager” product. 

Initially founded as a platform to allow scientists to access and discuss traditionally hidden early-stage research, Morressier’s focus on research integrity has now become its key distinguishing feature. This is an extremely necessary development as, according to several studies, the risk of fabricated data and plagiarism in scientific submissions has become far more prevalent in recent years and is set to rise exponentially with the increase in AI-generated content.

Morressier’s inclusion of automated integrity checks is vital as it ensures scientific publications remain traceable and trustworthy. The company provides research organizations with AI-content and plagiarism detection products, in addition to workflow management and academic conference tools. 

Sami Benchekroun, Morressier co-founder and CEO, said about the latest funding: “Attracting such strong support from investors in this climate is the ultimate validation that Morressier is doing critical work. Science is experiencing an integrity crisis and this investment will help us to double down on our efforts to support academic societies, institutions, and publishers in this fight.”

Since we first invested in Morressier’s seed round in 2017, the company has remained at the forefront of scholarly communications. In this time, they have grown rapidly, raising over $42M in funding, partnering with major players within research and publishing space, and releasing a host of products to help accelerate scientific research.

We’re delighted to support Morressier and congratulate the entire team on this achievement!

Read more about Morressier on their website


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