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€15 million capital injection for felmo, the German pet health start-up

felmo founders Lars Giere and Philip Trockels

We are thrilled to announce the exciting news of felmo’s (Redalpine Capital IV) latest funding round, just six months after their successful Series A. The €15m Series B round was led by  Burda Principal Investments (BPI) with participation from the existing investors Redalpine, HV Capital, and 468 Capital.

The new round of funding demonstrates that felmo addresses a pressing need among pet owners through the combination of veterinary at-home appointments and digital services via the felmo app.

Since its inception, felmo has shown stellar growth while maintaining excellent customer satisfaction despite the ongoing pandemic. Due to the popularity among its growing customer base, felmo is well on its way to becoming a household name and the leading pet health brand in Europe.

The Berlin-based start-up has already launched its service offerings in multiple German cities. The fresh new capital will allow felmo to rapidly expand to other cities and regions, both domestic and international. The team also plans an expansion of its  e-commerce offering and further growth within the team.

felmo was founded in late 2019 by Philip Trockels and Lars Giere. The company offers dog and cat owners veterinary services via at-home visits combined with the felmo app as a digital health companion. With the felmo app, pet owners can access medical records from past appointments at any time, contact veterinarians via chat, perform fully digital health checks with their pets, and book at-home appointments for the same prices as regular in-patient vet visits.

felmo improves the experience for all parties involved, as over 90% of treatments can be carried out at home, avoiding high-stress environments like overcrowded waiting rooms and veterinary practices. Veterinarians also benefit from predictable working hours, work-life balance, attractive salaries, and a flexible, self-determined work environment. Currently, felmo is available in 10 cities, including Berlin, Bochum, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart, and Hanover.

For more information, visit felmos’s website.  


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