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a truly stellar source of energy


proxima fusion

proxima fusion is leading the charge in bringing commercially viable and scalable fusion energy to market by leveraging cutting-edge innovations in advanced superconducting materials, algorithms, and fusion technology. their exclusive partnership with the max planck institute for plasma physics provides unrivaled access to decades of research and prototypes, like the wendelstein 7-x (w7-x) stellarator. this uniquely positions them to accelerate stellarator-powered fusion commercialization and create a new energy ecosystem in europe.

making fusion energy a reality

as traditional resources dwindle and current renewable energy sources continue to struggle with intermittency and limited output issues, fusion offers a game-changing solution - a nearly inexhaustible, safe, and clean energy source. proxima fusion's team of nuclear physicists, engineers, and computer scientists from max planck institute, mit, and google, combines years of research, technological breakthroughs, and ai to drive the energy revolution forward.

clean, abundant energy

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