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mining the human antibody repertoire to discover new therapies


memo therapeutics

its unique platform technology can capture and bank complete antibody repertoires of individual humans and animals, enabling fast and cost-efficient discovery of highly relevant therapeutic antibody candidates, and increasing the probability of success in subsequent clinical development.

transforming the lives of patients

antibodies are our immune system’s most sophisticated weapon against diseases and represent highly promising, but difficult to source therapeutics against a wide range of conditions. memo therapeutics is a biotech company developing best-in-class therapeutic antibodies to transform the lives of patients with virus infections and cancer.

developing therapeutic antibodies

rac II
invested in

Ono Enters a Drug Discovery Collaboration Agreement with Memo Therapeutics

Nov 1, 2022

CHF 25M for Memo Therapeutics, the Swiss BioTech company revolutionizing antibody therapy

Nov 3, 2023

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