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getting genetic syntax right



expressionedits addresses this issue with its patented intronization technology, leveraging the recently discovered potential of introns. their ai-driven 'genetic syntax engine' uses biological data and machine learning to optimize transgene design. this technology introduces artificial introns into recombinant genes, facilitating the production of therapeutic proteins previously difficult to obtain, positioning expressionedits as first-movers in the cgt market.

first-movers in the cgt market

a significant challenge in protein-based therapeutics has been insufficient production within patients, with current methods failing to meet necessary yields, leaving many innovations unfulfilled. expressionedits is revolutionizing the genetic toolbox by mastering the design of both existing and synthetic introns, pivotal regulators of gene expression. this innovation ensures the efficient expression of complex therapeutic and industrial proteins across various host cells.

the genetic syntax engine

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redalpine co-leads $13M seed round for ExpressionEdits to revolutionize cell & gene therapy

May 29, 2024

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