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Zenjob gets the job done - successfully closed €15M Series B!

The Zenjob Team Fritz Trott, Arvid Seeberg-Elverfeldt, Cihan Aksakal, Frederik Fahning & Cornelius Rantzau

Zenjob (Redalpine Capital III), the full-service on-demand staffing platform, has just closed a €15M Series B financing round where existing investors Redalpine, Acton Capital Partners and Atlantic Labs were joined by new investor AXA Venture Partners. This follows strong growth over the past year that saw Zenjob expand to six German cities staffing each month over 10.000 jobs with students.

Zenjob delivers advanced technological solutions to some of the most pressing pain points around short-term staffing. Its technology offers maximum flexibility for workers and on-demand availability of top-quality staff for employers. Over 1.000 companies in six German cities are already using the platform, including in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. The new financing round will fuel Zenjob’s further growth and development of the product. 

As traditional temporary staffing agencies struggle to innovate in the digital age, Zenjob effectively meets the employment market demands by offering the flexibility and variety to attract quality employees and match them to tailored job offers via their app.

Founded in 2016 in Berlin by Fritz Trott, Cihan Aksakal and Frederik Fahning, Zenjob has grown quickly in the German temporary employment market. The HR-Tech startup now employs over 180 of its own employees serving clients such as Tesla, Sheraton Hotels or Mister Spex.

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