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RosieReality, a Swiss startup using AR to get kids interested in robotics and programming

RosieReality uses AR to playfully teach kids about programming and problem-solving

Our portfolio company RosieReality (Redalpine Capital III), a Zurich-based startup that introduces children to programming and robotics, raised $2.2M in seed funding. The round was led by Redalpine with participation of Atomico, Shasta Ventures, Akatsuki Entertainment Fund and Top Swiss Business Angels.

RosieReality develops mobile applications that use Augmented Reality (AR) to playfully teach kids about programming and problem solving. The interactive virtual environment can be created anywhere and lets children experience new ways of fun-based learning. Adventures revolve around “Rosie”, a robot that can be guided through the user’s surroundings to explore and solve puzzles. While doing so, kids are instructed to use commands, loops and functions. The application thus teaches them the essentials of programming.

“By developing Rosie the Robot, we created the first interactive and modular world that exclusively lives in your camera feed,” RosieReality co-founder and CEO Selim Benayat tells TechCrunch. “We use this new computational platform to enable kids to creatively build, solve and share world-sized puzzle games with friends and families – much like modern-day Lego.”

With the new funding, RosieReality is planning to grow the team and access the global market. “We’re now ramping up to have an official launch by end of May”, CEO Sélim Benayat said in an interview with

We are excited to see RosieReality build the playground of the future and look forward to supporting the team in teaching a new generation.


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