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Razor’s impeccable execution pays off and leads to a fresh $400m investment

woman walking through office with TV screen showing 'Razor Group'

Redalpine is delighted to share the exciting news of Razor Group’s (Redalpine Capital IV) latest funding round, which includes industry leaders Blackrock and VPC and existing investors. The $400m equity and debt round will help the team add even more firepower to their execution and acquisition machine with additional talent and faster development across European and US markets. 

Since Redalpine’s initial investment in the seed round in September 2020, there has been a whirlwind of dynamic developments, growth and acquisitions at an unprecedented speed and so it comes as no surprise to us that this team has reached the next level within record time. 

Redalpine invests in people and Razor Group’s team, starting with the founders all the way to its interns, is exemplary of the kind of passion, drive and hunger one wants to see in a young and ambitious start-up. Communication is fast and transparent, their analysis is thorough and non-compromising and they continuously are looking for ways to innovate and evolve never quite accepting the status quo as satisfactory. It’s the balance between fast but thorough execution that impresses us the most and we believe that this will push them to global market leadership position in no time.

Razor has proven over and over again that the acquisitions they make are well thought through, strategic and with real potential  for  scaling. We could not be happier that their relentless and determined approach has been recognised by both Blackrock and VPC alike.  

The current round is just the beginning of what is looking to be a very promising time ahead. The team plans to use the funds to accelerate the acquisition of top-ranked Amazon FBA businesses and expand into markets across Europe and the US. 

Redalpine is thrilled to have been part of this exhilarating journey from as early as the seed round and continuously being able to support it in all its following financing rounds thus far. 

Razor Group acquires and operates online marketplace merchants, with a focus on category-leading Amazon FBA sellers. Over the past 6 months Razor has built a diversified portfolio of FBA brands across Europe and the US operating in multiple categories, including Sports, Home & Living and Personal Wellness. 

For further information visit Razor’s website.


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