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Hot Staff: Fully automated Staffing Agency Zenjob closes €8M Series A

The Zenjob team

After an initial investment earlier this year, the existing investors Redalpine, Acton Capital Partners and Atlantic Labs have now extended their commitment in the Series A to a total of €8 million.

Zenjob is a full service on-demand staffing platform. Its advanced technology allows to tackle the most pressing pain points around short-term staffing in a scalable way and offers maximum flexibility for workers and on-demand availability of top quality staff for employers.

With Zenjob, companies can fill short-term staffing needs without administrative hassle - all candidates are employed by and insured through Zenjob. The startup ensures the quality of its student candidate base through a thorough application process and continuous “on-the-job” reviews.

For students, Zenjob provides flexibility and variety. Jobs are offered in real time via the Zenjob app and are tailored to individual student profiles. Payments are made immediately after completion of the job. The lean administration model also offers fair wages: students receive at least €10 per hour, above average for the jobs offered, such as waiter or office manager.

Founded in January 2016 in Berlin, Zenjob currently employs more than 2,000 students and serves over 500 businesses in Berlin and Hamburg. Most of their B2B customers are in retail, logistics and hospitality and include businesses such as Hard Rock Café, Tesla, Sheraton Hotels and Gerry Weber.

Zenjob will use the proceeds of the round to expand further across Germany and beyond.


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